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Default Re: Battle of the Giants: 5970 CrossfireX vs. 480 Tri-SLI

Not a very thorough comparison IMO. The framerates shown in the first post are in general quite high, so even a single GPU is not getting stressed in most situations. Also, the fact that there is relatively little gain from SLI to Tri-SLI on the GTX 480 either indicates CPU bottleneck or that the drivers are not well tuned for Tri/Quad SLI.

The mere fact that these graphs don't shown minimum framerates and don't seem to stress the GPU to the fullest (using more demanding games, or ultra high res, or ultra high AA) make them incomplete.

The more appropriate comparison for Tri-Crossfire 5870 is Tri-SLI GTX 470. Tri-SLI GTX 470 has more raw horsepower than SLI GTX 480, at much lower cost and much lower power consumption than Tri-SLI GTX 480.
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