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Default Re: Quadro NVS 4xx = fast 4-Screen Twinview-Setup?


The TH2G sounds nice, no more worries with cards and configs etc.
However, as far as i understood your (really great) howto correctly i think i would need 2 TH2G because my resolution is:
3600x1600 (3 x 1600x1200 rotated)

I don't even know if my Video-Card can output 1600x3600 (NVidia 7600GS), if the rotation works, etc., there are just too many unknowns.

2 TH2G would be 500 and i think i would rather invest that into the new 27" Dell Screen with 2560x1440 that is about 900.

Or use Windows where everything is easy and fast i assume
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