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Default Re: Steam ported to Linux!

Originally Posted by cthulhu View Post
"When it comes to crack, I got a little piece of advice: Never do a drug, that's named after a part of your own ass!"
- Dennis Leary

World Of Warcraft and Lord Of The Rings Online have both shown better performance under WINE, than under native winblows.

I'm well aware that Crysis, Far Cry 2 and similar games show terrible performance, but it's simply a matter of missing bugs in WINE. I wish I was only kidding, but a while ago LOTRO running in WINE experienced a rather annoying rubber band effect, where the player was constantly thrown back (like held back by a rubber band). It turned out that the LOTRO game engine relied on dubious behaviour (wrongly documented) in the winblows network layer. WINE Bugzilla link.

Of course missing DirectX functions and sub-optimal D3D->OGL wrapper code contributes to bad performance as well. Native OpenGL games usually perform quite well under WINE. Crysis and Far Cry 2 are AFAIK both DirectX games.
Oh well, I don't play MMOs. I usually just play FPS games and they run like sh*t going through WINE.
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