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Default Re: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 3100M on Lenovo Thinkpad T510: NVIDIA Backlight Control Causes

So I know that it's not possible to use Nouveau's backlight controls with the proprietary NVIDIA driver, but the nouveau driver also adds a new backlight interface to sysFS (ie. this interface doesn't exist when using the NVIDIA driver). Since the framebuffer driver that runs text-mode VTs is always running, and it runs concurrently with the NVIDIA driver, is it possible to use the VT's method in X? If it too adds a special section to sysFS, i'd like to find it.

Does anyone know a good method for monitoring changes in sysFS? I know it's a virtual filesystem so many standard methods don't work. Ive tried using tree and then searching for interesting stuff, but I hope there's a better method.

Is it safe to assume that the NVIDIA driver has a table of values for the backlights of different laptops? I hope so, then these Thinkpad T510s don't need a special backlight driver. I think it's a very bad idea have the NVIDIA driver control this backlight by default, at least in the driver's current state. I'm still worried that this buzzing noise indicates long-term physical damage. At the very least, it's annoying.
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