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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
So far stock, it owns my OC'd 5870. Just Cause 2 20+ FPS faster on avg, BF BC2 a lot faster, COD MW2 also, a lot faster!!
Nice. I was just going to write a post letting you know my experience of 1 480 vs 5870. If you can control the heat, it's really no contest. Not only is the 480 already faster at stock, its performance scales at almost 1:1 with an overclock. The 5870's architecture kinda tops out at stock 5870 speeds.

The main issue is heat. For some, I think it could be a pretty big issue. Even in my current ambient temp of 75f, I can feel my face getting warm at idle. It's pretty impressive that the 5870 can keep up with the 480 while being so much cooler. Using just 4xAA at 1920x1200, there isn't much difference between the 480 and 5870. The 480 is a little more consistent performer as the 5870 is more prone to hitching in smaller releases such as Stalker and Metro but in general, they're neck to neck. Where the 480 has a huge advantage is when you want to pump up the image quality. The 480 widens the gap considerably once you up the AA to 16x and add supersampling TRAA to the mix. So yeah, the 480 is the clear choice for a single GPU solution if you're able to control the heat.
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