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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by brunner View Post
It could be a PSU problem. I kept getting black screens until I rearranged the cables a little. It seemed like the PSU didn't like how the loads were divided across the rails before. But after I switched stuff around a little, it's been working fine. The problem only showed up on more graphically intensive games so Crysis crashing could be similar to my problem before.
No, its not a hardware issue, I've got an Enermax 1100 watt PSU. I rolled back to the last NV WHQL drivers, this Win7 install was originally done with the 5870 though. I uninstalled ATI drivers, ran driver sweeper, rebooted and installed my GTX 480. I have steam copy of Crysis too. In DX9 it's fine. DX10 will launch in window, when I alt-enter it will say Crysis stopped responding. I've played a bunch of games now with it, none others have any issues.

Taking a look...
- Red Faction Guerilla... holy crap runs so smoothly now, I'm amazed with the performace jump.
- Far Cry 2, my minimum now was my avg with my 5870. GTX 480 min 88 fps, avg 115 fps. HD5870 min 66, avg 86.07 fps. pwned.
- GTA IV - what can I say, its still not 100 FPS and there is no AA. It runs "well"
- BF BC2 - runs amazing. according to fraps avg FPS are up a lot.
- Just Cause 2 Dark Tower is 120 FPS avg now, vs 89 on the HD5870.
- COD MW2 MP was very fast, a lot faster than HD5870 but I have no hard numbers yet
- Assassin's Creed 2 - runs freaking awesome, much smoother than 5870

Remember, my HD5870 was at 1Ghz core, 1.3Ghz, the GTX 480 is stock. So I've gotta swap the bracket on my MCW60 now back to the GT 200 one. Once I do that I will water cool it and leave the aluminum bracket on the ram till Swiftech releases their "unisink" for the MCW-60.
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