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Default Re: Battle of the Giants: 5970 CrossfireX vs. 480 Tri-SLI

Originally Posted by snowmanwithahat View Post
Garbage of a review.... that slower clocked i7 along with 1920x1080 makes those results absolute trash.
So.. what did you really think about it?

Geez, what a disgruntled crowd in here. If any of you can do better, then go find some benches that beat this one and quit your griping. I'd love to see them. It's not exactly easy to find a benchmark that pits all the most exotic graphics setups together.

Not everyone owns a 2560x res monitor, and when you throw in 8xAA, tesselation, etc like some of those titles had, I think 1920x can still give you a good idea of performance.

The only other thing they should've done, as has been mentioned, is to overclock the CPU a little more, like to 4GHz. I think that's holding back the Quadfire, especially.

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