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Default Will 4x GTX 480 be worth it for 3D Surround?

So just got my third standard clocked eVGA GTX 480 and will be putting together a new build, running a 2x SLI setup now, and I was thnking about the Asus Rampge III Extreme for the motherboard, apprarently you don't need the NF200 anymore, 4x SLI should would with any SLI motherboard with that has 4 PCIE slots. Guess I could always get an eVGA Classified board if needed but would prefer the Rampage III.

The intenet is to run a triple head 1920x1080 setup. I've got the power curcuit to handle it so no problem, have a window AC to deal with the heat, plan on using a Mountain Mod case and don't plan of using water cooling. Noise will be not a problem because of how my office is steup.

Thoughts? Please no BS, serious and helpful comments only, thanks!

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