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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by OzoZoz View Post
I just received a pair of Galaxy GTX 480 (i.e. two of them).
I used them sporadically for 2-3 days without any issue.
Then, as a developer, I had to run some 3D test application in a loop to try to reproduce some very sporadic driver problem. The simple 3D app ran for many consecutive hours (maybe 10 or 20 hours) and when I came back, the computer was frozen: the card was dead. The card would still work for 2D, but would immediately hang the computer as soon as it starts running any 3D application. The other card still works fine.

So I guess nVidia did not resolve all its reliability issues with this card.
That may be why their Quadro equivalent are still not available (not even announced!).

Did anyone have any reliability issues with their new GTX 480?

Ouch, that blows mate.

I have had no issues with my 2 Zotac cards for what it's worth.
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