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Unhappy nvidia-settings do not persist clone and panning settings

I am running a tool called nvidia-settings which from the X Server Information dialog within it, I am guessing is NV-CONTROL Version 1.22 Running under openSuSE 11.2, KDE 4.4.2

I have two monitors connected to my GeForce 8500 GT card, one is a large 1920x1080 screen and the other is a 800x600 small monitor. I have set the small monitor up as a clone of the large monitor and configured it's panning size to be 1920x1080. This works fine as expected, but when I reboot the system the panning setting and clone mode are lost (reset back to Absolute) and I have to reset them again every time. A PITA!

How do I persist these settings so that the clone mode and panning is restored on rebooting the system?

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