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Default Re: Will 4x GTX 480 be worth it for 3D Surround?

Originally Posted by heatlesssun View Post
So just got my third standard clocked eVGA GTX 480 and will be putting together a new build, running a 2x SLI setup now, and I was thnking about the Asus Rampge III Extreme for the motherboard, apprarently you don't need the NF200 anymore, 4x SLI should would with any SLI motherboard with that has 4 PCIE slots. Guess I could always get an eVGA Classified board if needed but would prefer the Rampage III.
Can't comment on your mobo but if I remember correctly i7 / X58 does only support 40 PCIe lanes / links so if you are running more than 2 graphics cards you will need to set them up as 16 / 8 / 8 or, with quad SLI, 8 / 8 / 8 / 8, and I'm not sure I would want to do that with a bunch of GTX 480.

The intenet is to run a triple head 1920x1080 setup. I've got the power curcuit to handle it so no problem, have a window AC to deal with the heat, plan on using a Mountain Mod case and don't plan of using water cooling. Noise will be not a problem because of how my office is steup.

Thoughts? Please no BS, serious and helpful comments only, thanks!
Ok, back in 2003 I set up a 3-wall CAVE with 6 pcs each consisting of a P4 3GHz, 1GB RAM and a FX5900 128 MB. Each FX5900 was connected to a 1280x1024 beamer, 3 pcs rendering for the right eye and the other 3 for the left. We used passive polarisation filters in front of the beamers and cheap passive glasses instead of electronic shutter glasses.

Your current setup with an i7-980X (eek!), 6GB RAM and 2 GTX 480 has more power than my setup had and should be sufficient to drive 3 displays (as soon as drivers are available).
My understanding of is that drivers should be available any day now

My CAVE project has been discontinued (restructuring ) and I will have to get a Nvidia 3D vision kit myself to get going with 3D again.

...oh, and you might start beginning to think about a new psu too (3x GTX 480 in *one* box and an oc'ed 980X and the rest of your system might bring a Galaxy 1000 to its limits ).
...and I would start thinking about temperatures in the box too.

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