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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by HYBRID View Post
Picked up an EVGA GTX480 SC from Newegg yesterday, going to spend some quality time with it over the weekend curiosity got the best of me .

My biggest concern is the heat this beast puts out, and power consumption although the latter is not as big a concern as the heat. I should be OK with the Corsair 800D.

I have been following closely a lot of owner threads on various forums and focusing on the heat issue and it seems as thought it’s not as bad as some of the professional reviews we will see maybe a function of the latest bios update.

I will do some benching on the 5870 in the next few days on various games, BFBC2, Dirt 2, and others some synthetic benches like Vantage record the data and over the weekend install the 480.
If I see increased performance, good stability and the heat is not a concern then I will most likely keep it.

I’ll follow up soon.

Well its quieter than expected. Last night in my failed attempt to water cool it - apparently I need a G80 plate and not the GT 200 for my MCW-60 - so thats been ordered - I cleaned the 10 lbs of stock TIM and applied a thin coat of Ceramique. My idle temps went from 54 to 48c. The card has hit 90c loaded but still the fan wasn't all that loud. From what I recall of my HD5870 on the stock cooler the load temps were about the same.

I've had my 5870 water cooled forever so I can't recall on noise levels.

I'm very happy with mine, my 5870 was running 1GHz core, 1300Mhz ram and this blows it away. Once I get water cooled I'll bump volts to 1.1 and shoot for 1600 shader/800+ core. From the tweaktown OC article looks like 800 core will bring avg FPS up about 20 FPS more. So that will absolutely smoke my 5870.
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