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Default Re: VDPAU - 8400 GS - Which one?

Thanks for all the responses. It is nice to know the ASUS has the G98 chip.

I should better explain what my needs are. I will be using it in my MythTV HTPC for playing programs recorded with an ATSC tuner so I am less concerned about H.264 and more concerned about MPEG-2. Although the streams are in HD, I will be downconverting them to SD as I don't have an HDTV yet, so I need the card to have TV-OUT (for S-VIDEO). When I get an HDTV, I can always upgrade my video card at that time.

Are there any fanless GF 210 cards with TV-OUT? All the ones I have seen have an HDMI connector instead.

I was also looking at a 9400 and a 9500 (both by Sparkle), but was told they actually aren't as good as the 8400 (and looking at the link provided by gradinaruvasile, it seems true as they only support feature set A).

Any other recommendations? Thanks again!
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