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Default Re: Will 4x GTX 480 be worth it for 3D Surround?

Originally Posted by heatlesssun View Post
4x SLI should would with any SLI motherboard with that has 4 PCIE slots. Guess I could always get an eVGA Classified board if needed but would prefer the Rampage III.
FYI Rampage III does not come with a 4 way sli bridge and Asus website does not mention 4 way sli in the specs

Unlike CrossfireX where you can connect three 2 way connectors,you need a 4 way sli bridge to make 4 way sli work.

They are not sold seperately so only option is to buy/borrow one from an evga 4 way sli owner.(if you can find someone sells)

I was considering a similar setup to yours and bought an EVGA 4 way sli last week because of the 4 way sli bridge.

Hope this helps
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