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Originally Posted by onmikesline View Post
yeah i do, my wife streams video when im gaming. i see my ping jump alot
Hmm, you might want to look into a few other things first. Going from 16/2 to the 30/7 package would require a new modem, but would also get you channel bonding. Even if you don't goto the larger package I would suggest getting a DOCSIS 3.0 modem like the motorola SB6120. Pretty sure you'll still get channel bonding so you'll have better powerboost.

That said, you should try to do a little more testing to make sure it is in fact the video streaming that is causing the issue. It's possible you have an old router that can't handle the connections and just getting a newer router could clear up issues.

What I would do is get the IP of the server you're going to be playing on. Pop open a command prompt and type ping *server ip* -t That will keep the pings going until you hit ctrl + C to stop them. Get a baseline first without any video streaming. Do this at different times of the day to see if maybe it's just a network issue that is out of your control. If everything checks out and you have nice stable pings, then I would try to add the streaming and see if it affects your pings or not.

It's not likely that a video stream could eat all of your bandwidth, so I'm leaning against that being the issue. You can always use the networking monitor in task manager to get the percentage, then convert that into an actual number of kbps.

More info is always helpful as well. One thing to note is that if you're looking at your ping while inside of the game, some games include processing time in their numbers. For instance in Call of Duty 2 on a lan all pings are going to be < 1 ms. In game they show up as 30ms or more because of the server tick rate, as well as the clients overhead. I've actually noticed that when you're sitting on the fps cap in COD2 you will have much better pings than if you are not. It might show 30 - 40 ms if I'm not on the cap, and 10ms if I am on the frame cap. This is why I suggest using the command prompt with nothing else loaded as it removes another variable from the equation.
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