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Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK View Post
How are you guys getting these speeds and voltage with this CPU with temps that low? Are you using water cooling?

Also in OCCT which thermal reading should I trust, the CPU one or the individual core sensors? The core sensors all have inconsistent readings so I am guessing I shouldn't trust them.

Right now I'm running a q6700 at 3.25ghz at 1.331v and it touches around 75C on the CPU sensor, two of the core sensors go much higher than that though, the other two sit around the same as the CPU reading. I'm using a Zalman 9500 HSF to cool it.

I've cranked it up to 3.6ghz at 1.5v and had it stable with a short 3 minute test, but the temps were through the roof at load and I didn't trust anything reading over 80.
The zalman won't hold the temps down. I have a 9500 and a 9700. The TRUE will do a better job than either of the zalmans.
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