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Default Re: VDPAU - 8400 GS - Which one?

Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
Do you realise that - apart from, imo, small advantages when decoding VC1 and MPEG1/2 - all feature set B cards have the (imo fatal) disadvantage that they do not decode some H264 streams that are decoded fine by all feature set A hardware?
I guess I hadn't realized that the improvements to MPEG-2 decoding were minor and figured that H264 decoding wouldn't be important to me (remember I am using this to down-convert to an analog TV)? According to Wikipedia, H264 is used for:
  • Blu-ray Disc (not applicable),
  • videos from YouTube (most videos are SD so not important),
  • videos from the iTunes Store (not applicable),
  • DVB broadcast (only in Europe, so not applicable),
  • direct-broadcast satellite television service (not applicable),
  • cable television services (not applicable), and
  • real-time videoconferencing (not applicable)

Am I missing something? Aren't all ATSC broadcasts currently encoded in MPEG-2? I know H264 was added to the standard in 2008, but I don't think anyone uses it and (IMHO) it is unlikely they will any time soon. Even if they do, the horizontal resolutions not supported are:
769-784, 849-864, 929-944, 10091024, 17931808, 18731888, 19531968 and 2033-2048
so the horizontal resolutions supported by ATSC (352, 480, 544, 704, 720, 1280, and 1920) are also supported by VP3.

Are there compelling reasons for me to want to decode H264 at one of the non supported resolutions?
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