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Default Re: Sony Prepares to Kill off the Floppy

I always keep my USB Floppy drive just in case, specially when I'm servicing people/clients using XP on modern laptops (mainly for the Intel storage drivers), but yeah... nowadays a USB stick or even a memory card should suffice for those kind of tasks but... it's still there :P

Originally Posted by Logical
Also i run Win 7 x64 and it is the most stable OS i have ever used...
Something I can observe is a certain majority of people preaching Windows 7 x64 uses Intel hardware. Ok, I admit it's the best hardware you can run Windows (and even Linux) on, but hey... how about AMD users like me and many others?

Don't take me wrong (applies for anyone)... Being able to use more than 4GB of RAM is good, and with future games and applications coming, it will become more and more necessary, but... at least Microsoft should provide decent support.

Being a legal client for them gives me the chance to conctact PSS and the Social Answers website, which is nice, I mean, there are a bunch of people there trying to help, but being there almost 24:7 on the last 2 weeks and a half is something that can lead anyone to frustration.

Maybe it's my motherboard's fault, which means... maybe it's NVIDIA's fault for making quite a crappy chipset, the point is it works quite well under x86, it should work equally well under x64, and it doesn't...

And now, back on topic.
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