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Default Re: Steam ported to Linux!

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
haha, well it looks like he's seen the light like a lot of people and realised that Windows is not the only useful OS out there.

A lot of you guys here are hard core PC gamers, so Linux is really not an option as a primary OS. A Steam port will help Linux on the road to a serious gaming platform, but that's not to say you cannot have fun with a lot of the current games on the Linux platform.
Not yet, but I like the way this is going. Valve taking Linux seriously and leaking word of it a while back means that other devs have to at least consider some support.

I do like Win7, but I would love an OS that can be customized exactly the way I like it, and can easily play my favorite games, which just so happen to be source engine at the moment.

Yep, like where this is heading.
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