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Default Re: VDPAU - 8400 GS - Which one?

Originally Posted by Vorgus View Post
Right now I am only using the 8400 on atsc and it is down converting to SD. My tv has RGB in, so that is what I am using. And I can tell you, the asus 8400gs silent is too slow. It requires careful settings and still gets droped frames, looses A/V sync, gets stuck in some kind of video studder with no audio (fixable by chaning chanels). I use 1/2 spastal because one of the channels has more problems at full. I would not recommend this card. Also, think ahead. You may want to do more latter, even just add a dvd to play movies.
Thanks for the advice! May I ask what PC you are using? Although the video card may be doing all the MPEG decoding, there may be other bottlenecks with a PC that is underpowered.
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