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Default Re: Official Splinter Cell Conviction Thread

I get 30fps with my rig on max settings with 4xMSAA. I get some drops to the high 20s in large areas, nothing terrible for a slow-paced game like this. Turning off AA gets me 10fps more.

Lovely looking game, and I think the gameplay might be a lot better than I thought. This is on realistic... you basically cannot get into a straight-up firefight on realistic, you get butchered in seconds because the enemies will rush you and one hit equals death. You have to sneak and move constantly after shooting, which is fun. Gameplay might be great really, I need more time with it... on level 3.

Story is insane so far... have to see where it goes.

PC port seems okay, my main issue is a sluggish feel. Even at full sensitivity the mouse feels slow to respond and WASD movement feels a bit cumbersome... might try my 360 pad next time I play, see if that works better. Also trying to find mouse sensitivity in the ini file to see if boosting it past the in-game max works.
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