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Default Re: Will 4x GTX 480 be worth it for 3D Surround?

Originally Posted by heatlesssun View Post
A standard 15 amp line in the US can handle 1440 watts @ load and I have a separate circuit and can add another if needed. This rig on is on 15 amp circuit by itself withnothing else will be fine.
You'll need the extra circuit. 3 480s consume as much as 937w according to

937w / 3 = ~312w per card. Add another 312w for the 4th 480 and it gives you 1249 watts giving you only 191w left for your CPU (I assume you're running a quad core), motherboard and your drives. Good luck. I guess if there's a blackout that hits your surrounding area then we'll know where it came from.

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