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Default Re: Official Splinter Cell Conviction Thread

Originally Posted by JohnDio View Post
Ahem, this is simply due to brute force that it's running with 60fps (no sh!t, you have a I7 @ 4.00Ghz). This is Unreal 2.5 so most of our systems should smoke it. If you need a I7 to get 60fps for this game, there isn't any optimization at all.

Anyway, I will test it with my Q6600 @ 3.02Ghz when i get it to see if there is any!
disable DAO and performance will grently improve.

plus most Unreal 2.5 based games don't support AA, and most important aspect

Unreal 2.5 game A doesn't equal Unreal 2.5 game B, engine might be the same, but it all depends how it is used.

you can have the same engine, but put different lighting (big part of Splinter Cell) and performance can be cut by huge margin

btw, it can run higher then 60FPS, i got vsync on, so its keeping FPS down
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