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Originally Posted by onmikesline View Post
i would like to. well it comes tomorrow, ill give it a try with the new modem and hope it will clear things up, if i dont see much of a improvement in speeds, ill just lower it back to 15, and keep the DOCSIS 3.0. i just got a new house and it was built in 2005. they said that i have fiber optics and my old modem is to slow for it lol, im just repeating what he said to me so...
Yea they've had fiber optics for a while now lol. The main difference now is channel bonding.

If you had an over congested node that could cause slowdowns when your neighbors are using all of the bandwidth. With DOCSIS 2.0 there might be 30+ users all sharing 1 40mbit channel. (I'm not entirely sure of the numbers) So if a few people are downloading it could slow everyone down on that node.

With DOCSIS 3.0 your modem can take 2 or more (from what I've seen you'll get 3) channels and pull bandwidth from each. So if someone is hogging all of the bandwidth on one channel your modem should be able to find another source. The channels are locked though so it won't just randomly keep switching until it finds one, but it shouldn't be an issue.
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