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Default Re: Steam ported to Linux!

Originally Posted by Sean_W View Post
Linux Desktop Environments are like that, very customisable. You should try KDE4.4.x, it's very flexible and configurable but not the most stable DE at the moment because it's still pretty young in it's 4 series, which was mostly a rewrite. Remember that you can install any DE, you don't need to install a new version of Ubuntu or distro to try it out.
Yep, playing with DEs was always a favorite hobby. Remember Enlightenment? Beautiful WM, innovative...If they ever made that a bit more user friendly, I don't know. haven't tried it for some time now.

I've been pretty well hooked on Gnome, mainly due to KDE's bloat and the instability. But with today's hardware bloat isn't much of a factor for me any more...I may give it a try again.

I wonder how it would look with that native steam icon sitting on the desktop...
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