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Default Re: 260GTX nvidia-drivers-190.42-r3 - powermizer issue

Originally Posted by lordmundi View Post
just another vote and looking for a beta driver that fixes this issue on gtx 285m chipsets...

not sure if this is a dumb question, but why not push out a beta that lets users disable powermizer to work around the issue while the real fix gets pushed through?

anyways... hopefully we get a new driver soon that makes all this money we spent on these high end laptops worthwhile.
I can't be so hopeful... in several months I have seen absolutely no improvement... only unpleasant responses from people who sign shows "NVIDIA Corporation", from Aaronp (on IRC:, #nvidia) to Zander (here on nvnews) who speaks of priorities talking about a problem on a video card launched over a year ago.
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