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Default Re: Official Splinter Cell Conviction Thread

It's nowhere NEAR Gears of War, he is insane.

It is a lot more action focused, but it is still a stealth game at heart. Playing it as a third-person shooter like Gears of War will get you killed in seconds, on realistic anyway, I am sure normal mode is more forgiving but then why would you play on normal if you want the stealth experience?

Look at it as action-stealth... they did away with the waiting in shadows stuff, but they added a lot of cover-mechanic stealth. Some levels require more action than others, but the best way to play the game, the way that keeps you alive in realistic mode, is to sneak around taking guys out one at a time while the rest search for you and flip out. It's kind of like Batman Arkham Asylum's stealth sections, only with a gun.
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