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Post WeeklyTube Issue 33: PhysX video overview

SHADOW HARVEST ' Official Work in Progress Trailer by BlackLionStudios

Trailer from Shadow Harvest, upcoming FPS with GPU PhysX support (at least, it was promised).

GenL's Hybrid PhysX Mod 1.03 Part 2 by KilerChese

Demonstration of working Hybrid PhysX system with applied GenL mod 1.03

JX3 PhysX-Benchmark ATI 5870 +8800gt by derguru187

Latest JX3 PhysX & CUDA benchmark on Hybrid system with HD5870 and 8800GT.

CF_Revolution_Trailer by ImmersionGames

First jaw-dropping trailer from Cellfactor: Revolution, Ageia PPU killer-ap. Sadly, it has less to do with reality.

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