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Default Re: Official Splinter Cell Conviction Thread

So far I like the game, its actually very good.


Looking at Splinter Cell Conviction and Assasin Creed 2, its hard to believe that both games are released by the same studio: Ubisoft Montreal.

Here is why, comparing both games content wise, it feels like Assasin Creed 2 is at least 100 times larger game. With huge cities, tons of interactive enviroment, freedom, movement, you just get a lot more for your money with Assasin Creed 2.

Another "dissapointment" is considering how small this game is compared to Assasin Creed 2, what took them this long to make this game? In my opinion they started out with larger ambitions, trying to match Assasin Creed 2 on scale, but then scrapped everything and gone with much smaller game.
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