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Default GTX 470 - Hiccup - Nvidia GPU EX

So I got a pair of 470's yesterday and was playing around with them a bit last night. I'm not really benching as my CPU will hold benches back, but games seem to improved (I already had pretty good performance, but now have higher AA/AF in all games plus DX11).

Anyway, had a bit of a scare and I want to see what you all think:

Part 1 Install:
  • Uninstalled Drivers
  • Shutdown
  • Swapped Cards
  • Win7 installed its drivers
  • Restarted and installed nVidia's latest

Played around for a while. Metro 2033 and BC2 performed in DX11 (BC2 load times are terrible), but had to go. Had a sinking suspicion that I should have done more when installing drivers, so:

Part 2 Reinstall:
  • Uninstalled Drivers
  • Ran Driver Sweeper to remove excess
  • Win7 installed its drivers
  • Restarted and installed nVidia's latest

Played a few rounds of BC2 (forced DX10 for now to save from loading) and then tried DiRT2 and some of my other games. Seemed to be working well. Put Metro 2033 up again to mess with its settings and have fun, played for four or five minutes: Freeze/Crash. I was able to task manager my way out and tried again. Played for four or five minutes, freeze/crash. I tried adjusting settings: DX10/DX11/PhysX On/PhysX Off. Eventually it got so bad that the game would freeze/crash when entering the main menu.

So to see if Metro was going nuts, I checked its cache in Steam, and it did download something. Tried again, crashed. Then I decided to try a different game. Loaded up BC2. Menus came up fine, but when I tried to resume my singleplayer game, crash.

At this point it was pretty freaking late and I was upset, but thought I'd try one last thing. I figured I had been lazy driver-wise and maybe should do it the right way:

Part 3 ReReinstall:
  • Uninstalled nVidia drivers
  • Rebooted to Safe Mode
  • Ran Driver Sweeper
  • Rebooted
  • Installed nVidia's latest drivers

The interesting thing about this is that if Windows 7 installed its own drivers, I wasn't as aware of it. It didn't alert me to restart or that it was installing anything.

In addition to the above, I installed the latest PhysX and DirectX to see if that would help. Too scared to load up Metro 2033, I loaded up BC2 and it worked. Tried playing some of my other games... they seemed to work. I even got the guts to load Metro 2033 to the main menu and it worked (didn't play it because I wanted to go to bed and if it f'd up I knew I wouldn't get any sleep).

For those who are still with me: Do you think that I solved my issue - does it make sense that a lazy driver-swap would cause eventual crashes, or do you think there could be something more tangible? My cards temps were good throughout (reaching mid 80s at highest) and fans never passed 65%. My power levels should be good, I have each of the PCI-E 6-pins coming off different rails, and I'm using an good quality 1kw PSU.

I did find ONE other person on the Internet with 470 SLI mentioning crashes that sounded similar to mine, and his thread said he solved the issue by disabling 'nVidia GPU Ex' in the BIOS. As nVidia is out of the enthusiast chipset business for the most part, is GPU Ex still even supported? I disabled it this morning and booted up, but didn't have time for games (though my windows index graphics score dropped by .2)...

*So in closing, what are people's opinions? Corrupt drivers due to laziness, nVidia GPU Ex not working well with 470's or 470's in SLI, some combination of both, or cards that are going to fail?

Thanks for your input! Wish I didn't have to work or I'd still be playing with them
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