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Default Re: Linux backlight driver

step 5
sudo dkms add build install -m nvidia_bl -v 0.52
gives me this error:
Error! DKMS tree already contains: nividia_bl.52
You cannot add the same module/version combo more than once
it works without 'add':
sudo dkms build install -m nvidia_bl -v 0.52
but my problem are also the values:
now I'm able to write values between 0 and 127, but the screen changes its brightness just between 0 (dark) and 30 (bright)

I also tried damdim's hint, but nothing changed.
I would be happy, if sb. was able to tell me how I get 30 as max value
and how to control it with gnome-power-manager =)


PS:brx' patch doesn't change anything .. :/
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