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Default Re: Fermis all over the place

Originally Posted by agentkay View Post
+1 Mine idles at 44C with 44% fanspeed and the highest temperature I have seen was 88C after 10 minutes of Furmark and I believe the fan was just at 65%. Noise is not an issue at all and my case stands on my desk (ear height) 4-5 ft away from me. Very impressed with the card, I'm sure the 22C room temperature help at the moment but I'll simply tweak the autofan curve when it gets warmer, its funny how long the fan actually stays at 44% and lets the card heatup before it increases the rpm. The default autofan curve is surely tweaked to keep rpm as low as possible for as long as possible.
Is that with just 1 card though? I notice temps get much worse once you place either a PhysX card or another 480 GTX underneath a 480. The bottom card is fine though. I think it's just the design of the cooler which makes it hard for air to go through if the bottom is blocked. It's why I'm strongly considering CoolIt's solution or maybe just take out the PhysX card for now.
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