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Default Re: Fermis all over the place

Originally Posted by brunner View Post
Is that with just 1 card though? I notice temps get much worse once you place either a PhysX card or another 480 GTX underneath a 480. The bottom card is fine though. I think it's just the design of the cooler which makes it hard for air to go through if the bottom is blocked. It's why I'm strongly considering CoolIt's solution or maybe just take out the PhysX card for now.
Yes exactly one card, then I have about 2 or 3 slots room until the X-Fi. When it's time to play a PhysX game I will stick my old 8800GTX in there. I also have a 120mm fan pointed at the heatpipes/grill, one advantage of the 830 Stacker/mesh sidedoor, it can pull fresh cool air directly on the card.

I remember seeing a review (HardOCP) where they tested SLI with card-on-card configurations and temperature difference was around 5C (IIRC) between the cards, is yours much larger? Nvidia recommends to have one spare slot between the cards, I can see it is benefital because of the airflow but also the PCB of the other card is not necessarly very cold but if you could get some cold airflow in there (maybe with a custom funnel type of mod) to feed the fan with cold air, your temps should get much better.

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