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Default Re: Why buy a 470???

Originally Posted by Bah! View Post
Was I wrong? A simple "Yep your right" would have worked just as well. You got a snarky remark because you're about the one millionth 8800 user who claims the impossible.

Here is some more insight and wisdom for you, buying a 275/250 isn't smart. It's the same cost as a 470 and about half the speed.

You're welcome.
I apologize but I have not read the 8 zillion other claims or I would have not posted that in my thread. I (ass)u(me)d because MW2 was running in 70's that BC2 was too. So I'm sorry it was way to early in the morning to be posting any coments. When u say half the speed I assuming u r talking about Processing cores? Because all the other Stats are higher then that of the 470. The only difference is the DX11 from what I'm reading. Even the Memory interface is better. Whats your feeling on the 260 seeing how the bottom fell out on prices?
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