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Default Re: Linux backlight driver

Originally Posted by damdim View Post
You have to edit the file "/usr/src/nvidia_bl-0.52/nvidia_bl.c", find the "static struct driver_data nv5x_driver_data" section and change .min and .max values. Then rebuild the module. With the latest nvidia driver I had to change .min to 1024 and .max to 133000 for a vaio vpccw1s1e with gt230m. You can try different values, but be carefull because if you change .min to a very low value the screen might turn off completely.
Thanks this is getting me 99% towards a solution, just one question, on every reboot/startup the /sys/class/backlight/nvidia_backlight/brightness returns a 0, is there a way for it to keep its previous setting or make it have 7 as default?

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