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Default Re: Installing nvidia driver on Linux

As one of the official loco supporters of Ubuntu:

Please keep in mind that by following these instructions the driver will not be picked up by dkms, and each time a kernel update is installed (which might happen a lot, depending on bugs found / security updates) the driver won't be loaded and you'll end up with either failsafe mode or even no graphical interface at all. You'll have to rebuild the driver against the new kernel.

Please do not install the driver manually. If you, for any reason, absolutely need the newest driver, please use ppas like X-Swat or the VDPAU ppa. Usually they update to the latest drivers some days after release.

Thanks for saving us time by not creating the same support cases over and over.

If you want to install manually anyway, please keep at least the .run file on your local disk, in case when you don't have an internet connection after a kernel update. So you can re-install it (sh NVIDIA-Linux ...) and at least get your graphical environment back .

Kind regards


PS: To the OP:

1) Please inform people about this issue when writing such how tos. You might be able to handle the situation after a kernel update, users new to linux maybe don't.

2) Please change the thread title to "on Ubuntu Linux", as your howto works for ubuntu (and maybe other debian based distributions), but clearly not for distributions like SuSE, Fedora Core, Mandriva, Arch, Gentoo, ...

3) Did you see that nvidia already has an official thread on "how to install the current driver"? It is sticky, handles more distributions and has warnings for the known issues. If you think that this thread contains wrong or old information, please suggest an update instead of opening a new thread which will end up on page 5 after a few days / weeks.
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