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Default Re: Official "I just got a Geforce GTX 470/480" thread

Originally Posted by brunner View Post
Nice, what's your ambient temps? What water cooling gear are you using?
Right now ambient temps are warmer as its been high 70s the last few days. Room temp is probably 70 - 72F. Idle temp is 35-ish C. Max load temp has been 47c. Do these cards have a 2D speed they drop to?

My HD5870 would idle about 28c but it would drop to 2d speeds, the load on that was about 36c, but remember there was direct die contact with the GPU block and we all know it outputs a lot less heat.

I'm using a PA120.3 with 3 (med) Yate loons on a fan controller running @ lowest setting (5-7v), MCW-60 with G80 plate for the GPU. My CPU is also in the loop with HT on right now, using Dtek Fuzion v1 with 775 mounting. The pump is a Swiftech MCP655, 1/2" inner, 3/4" outter Clearflex tubing. I needed to order the G80 plate for the MCW-60 so it cost me $12 shipped for that.

Much better than 56 idle and 100c load.... Fermi has been tamed.

Now I've gotta figure out how high this can OC. I just jumped it to 800/1600/1900 and gamed with it some last night. Also, let Kombuster run for a bit too.
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