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Default Re: Installing nvidia driver on Linux

Originally Posted by Arup View Post
First of all, this is nvidia site where users are well aware of the dkms issue, anyone who installs it via run file knows quite well that everytime there is a kernel update, nvidia drivers need to be reinstalled.
Neither the support requests related from this on this site nor the support requests on the (german) ubuntu forums let me think that this is the case. Keep in mind, there might at least be one user who isn't aware of it, he will run in troubles when following your howto. But as you gladly agree that I forward all users with problems related to manual driver installs to you, this is not a problem for me. Thanks in advance.

Its so common among ubuntu users to peddle ppa or force users into using old nvidia drivers via jockey, whats the point of getting cutting edge card only to be hampered by a old driver may I ask?
The fact that you might be interested in a stable driver, which has been tested for the specific distribution you want to run it on. Many new drivers come with features which a user is not interested in (e.g. support for new cards, support for new kernels/xorg versions, which ubuntu doesn't update during a release cycle anyway etc.)

Also there is absolutely no issue whatsoever using nvidia drivers via run file except for the dkms one.
I consider an issue which might lead a user to no graphical interface at all as a serious issue.

[... (removed various subliminal insults against ppa maintainers, who use their spare time to create packages for users)] after all thats what we do in Windows world and guess what, thats the reason many prefer Windows.
Basically I don't care about the Windows world here, as we are talking about Ubuntu. Personally I get the latest driver because I am using Gentoo, but this is not interesting as well, as we are still talking about Ubuntu. Different operating systems, different ways of getting things done.

Regarding the repos: as I said they might take some time to update the packages, but this is (in my opinion) an acceptable time. If a user needs bleeding edge, there is the possibility to install manually, but in that case the user should be warned about known issues.

If the official sticky does not work for lucid (please re-read my post, I clearly stated this already) then propose an update to the people responsible for it. Your thread is not sticky it will luckily get lost below the other threads in a few days anyway.

FYI, the consensus on Ubuntu forum is that the nvidia file installed via run is running better than the one installed via repos.

The title was my oversight, I will change it.
FYI, as already mentioned I am an official supporter in a Loco (therefore an official forum as well), and the consensus is that we have too much support requests originating in users updating the driver manually because they found how-tos on the web.

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