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Default Unable to change email address

Someone brought this up in another thread, though unable to post to it. Specifically:

It may also be due to a setting that prevents a member from changing their email address to an address that is on our internal banned list. It's a good feature when signing up for a new account since it helps to blocks spam bots from signing up.

But I should remove that setting for existing accounts.
I'm unable to change my email address. Basically the (I guess I didn't change upon moving) is no good. UNM only keeps accounts with them open for a duration of 1 year since one was a current student. I moved to New Jersey in 2008.

I'm currently needing to use a address (I understand one needs a non-free email address to register, and the reason having to do with spam bots, etc); but my other email addresses are at present gone. As to a Verizon email address (I thought I had updated it, but must have forgot), I moved. Under the old lease terms I provided Internet, and got TV service for free. My email address was established under my own account and name. At the new place, the land lord provides free Internet access under their account for a residential install (as paid for under rent). I'm not sure if Verizon would be happy or not with moving my email address into a service being provided under a different account name.

Is there some way I can update this, given I've currently got a email address and not an ISP provided one? Or should I just leave it out of date and not give it another thought. The only way that might actually become an issue again is if we have another forum problem like we had the past few weeks where our passwords weren't working.
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