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Default Re: Sparkle Low-Profile Geforce GTS 250 1Gb for Dedicated Physx

I started doing some testing yesterday and while I haven't recorded any numbers yet, my initial findings were pretty surprising.

I used Fluidmark with my GTS 250 doing the Physx processing. I had evga precision running with fluidmark running in a window. I basically just wanted to see which clock speeds had the most effect on the physx processing capabilities of the card. So, I was getting roughly 125fps constant (640x480 window... to eliminate any graphics bottleneck) with the stock clocks on my 250. So, I dropped the core from 600 to 450, and immediately the fluidmark frame rate dropped by around 15fps. Not a huge drop, considering the 25% drop in clock speed, but still, before seeing this I would have assumed that ONLY the shader clock would have a significant effect on Physx speed... but that clearly isn't the case. Next I tried dropping the memory clock, and that also had a similar effect.

Messing with the shader clock seemed to have roughly the same effect, but its going to take more testing to see exactly how much of an effect this has in relation to other clocks.

Basically, I want to find the best compromise between physx speed and heat output by overclocking and under clocking different parts of this card. I was hoping it'd be as cut and dry as raising the shader clock and lowering the core and memory clocks, but it seems to be far more complicated than that.

I do have a GTX 470 on the way, so I'll probably do a little testing now, but most of my testing will probably be with the new card since it will really give my Physx card room to stretch its legs in newer games.
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