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Default Re: GTX 480 fan is NOT LOUD! What's up with these reviewers?

Originally Posted by sancheuz View Post
Okay, redid the TIM on my 480 a 2nd time around. When I opened it up, I think the stuff didnt stick on too well the first time I did it because there were patches of the gpu plate that were TIM less.. the heat sink sucked it up when i lifted it... dont know if that is normal. Anyways, last time I used Artic Silver 5, now I used Artic Silver Ceramique, had just enough to cover the entire plate with a beefy coat. Results so far are good, ran Kombustor and this time went up to 95 and leveled off (5 degrees cooler from earlier today) Crysis is not going up above 90 degrees with fan at 90 percent, b4 crysis was hitting 95 or 96. Haven't tested idleling yet.
Since the GTX 480 has a heatspreader patches arent really gonna matter. And AS5 is always a few deg lower than ceramique once it sets up. Probably just ambient temp change that is showing 5 deg less. Glad mine is water cooled now, its almost a must do with these things.
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