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Default Unigine Heaven DX11 Results with 3D Vision

I re-ran my original 1680x1050 test I posted in the regular thread after doing a clean re-install of the video card drivers. I did not like the minimum scores I was getting earlier. The scores are posted with various stages of AA. The first first score is the normal score and the second is with 3D Vision enabled. This might be a good indicator of how DX11 games might perform in the future on Fermi cards, especially with heavy levels of tessellation. It also shows how well AA scales on these cards. I figured some people here might be interested in that. I am more interested in the minimum and average scores than the maximums. Looks like for 3D Vision 2X or 4X AA is the sweet spot. Games with 3D Vision enabled don't need as high levels of AA anyway as when they are played without it.

With no AA

With 2XAA

With 4XAA

With 8XAA
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