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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Unless people are after achievements, it really does get ridiculous. On obsidian there's really only 1 reason to care about gear; if one's trying a 3 drake zerg. In that people essentially leave all drakes up, don't kill them with the bosses, and basically try to beat down sarph before he becomes immune to damage. But that's really only an over-power the instance strat, in which case peeps should be up front "we're after a 3 drake zerg achievement run".

Do I have the twilight zone achi for 10 player? Yep; was it easy in PuGs, not really. And it had nothing to do with gear as much (though zerging saph with all drakes alive does push things), especially where one can be left 2 tanks (1 tank taking all 3 drakes + adds on at once, other on saph) and 2 healing it to get max dps). It was that many a PuG has trouble avoiding flame walls. Given PuG after PuG couldn't do a 2 drake saph, let along all 3; we just guild ran it 1 week for the 3 drakes up.

Minus going for achis, I did obsidian sanctum both 10 and 25 man on 1 char in March 09, and another Dec 08/Jan 09. Gear wasn't even solid naxx level. Killing all drakes and doing it the standard method there's no reason. And some have also asked for GS on naxx weekly; for which I and others could only laugh with a "dude that isn't even a serious raid". Only reasons to really care who comes would be iff one's after the immortal or whatever the achi is for no one dieing the entire run.
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