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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
Agreed,i also think they should remove frost emblems from heroic dungeons because many raid-guilders wants to rush them through as fast as possible,skipping bosses etc to get their 2 emblems.They whine and complain,calling people n00bs and that things take too long ,people's dps sucks etc.
Well I'm not sure I'd want them removing the frosties. TBH on my geared guys I really don't PuG anymore except for the daily (going after frosties), or if I'm helping a friend or guildie. The exception is HoR and the like where I'm after the trinket and a battered hilt.

This said there's a couple asides to this. If I'm on an alt, I don't really care if some have issue that some undergeared alt isn't pulling top DPS. My main had carried so many groups as not to be even funny. By carry I don't mean just pulling top DPS, I mean by damage meter doing > 40% and sometimes even around 50 or 52% of all damage for the entire group and having the top below me not even doing half. But then there's no way they're going to be pulling 5.5k dps on bosses, without buffs, etc.... So if some complain "oh you're only doing 2.5k or 3k; I really do feel that I've carried enough groups that bringing a new 80 in doesn't make me feel guilty.

Someone in one of my guildes had run into the same on an undergeared alt. Mind you on his mage he was not uncommonly doing around 9k-12k dps quite consistently in 3.2 before ICC came out, and looking at TotC and TotGC 25 gear. It urged him to no end when some at best average player who though he was holding his own had nothing worth bragging about kept going on about how good he is, and totally trashed this guy because his shamy alt was only doing... We were all laughing in guild chat, and he commented "perhaps I should bring my mage into this run, and shut this guy up". We laughed all the more And mind you, I'm not just saying he could hit 12k on Hodir only.

There is some rumor that in cataclysm CC will be making a little bit of a come back, so we'll see then.
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