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Default Re: It would be Nice if they could get the GTX 480 on a smaller Die.

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
It would be nice if they could make a GTX 480 or GTX 470 using a smaller die,to cut down on power and heat.The GTX 480 is a fast card but overclocking it really brings out the power.But it uses the power ,it seems alot more then Nvidia had stated.I want one ,but it seems that it really needs to be water cooled ,since it runs so hot.I do miss some of the features that Nvidia has to offer like Phys-X.But IMO I don't think it makes much sense for me to sell my HD 5870's running in crossfire to get them ,sine my HD5870's will run any game I throw at it.I imagine I will wait until nvidia comes out with a update ,or something where it doesn't draw so much power and run so hot.I know it a hard card to keep cool with air,but looks like they could make a better cooler so it could run not so hot.I know it is supposed to be fine up to 105c ,but to me that is hot.That is 221 degrees Fahrenheit,hot enough to boil water.But it is a fast card ,I could just imagine what the 512 shader card could do.They are a lot easier to find then I thought they would be.And you still can get them at $499.
We will be lucky to see any die shrinks this year. With all the issues that both TSMC and Global Foundries have had. They have both canceled the 32nm process chips and GF have moved onto the 28nm, whilst have heard rumors that TSMC will try to go straight to 22nm.I doubt we will see any chips until well into 2011.
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