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Default Re: Installing nvidia driver on Linux

Originally Posted by gradinaruvasile View Post
I wonder, the xorg-server too will be upgraded with that ppa? Can that create additional problems?
No one can make a clean PPA with only the latest video drivers in it?

PS. I use the .run drivers since i installed Ubuntu for the first time (7.10). And now i use Debian and still the installer worked perfectly well on all computers i used it (and still do). Better than the .debs. After kernel update you must reboot anyway, drop to the root prompt, install the driver, press ctrl-d and thats it. Also i d/l ed from somewhere from the Ubuntu forums a dkms install script that worked well when i tested it.
I have used run file since SuSE 8, then on PCLOS and finally on Ubuntu with no issues but Ubuntu devs tend to get anal on this issue so the ppa is for them. You have no worries with the xorg update in that ppa, if it applies to your distro, there is a reason for it, also this ppa is for stable releases and not cutting edge so you can be rest assured that issues shouldn't arise normally.
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