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Default Re: intermittent failure to detect both screens on fx4800 with recent drivers

Originally Posted by danix View Post
Unfortunately, this issue is logged in NVIDIA's internal bug tracking system, which is not visible outside of NVIDIA..
Chris copper currently has developer access to your forums and limited visibility to your bug tracking system. Is there anyway to make that information in your bug tracking system available to either chris or myself?

Originally Posted by danix View Post
The specific feature which I'm asking about is called "Hot Plug Detect Support" and it's separate from the auto input select or the power management. On the 2480, which is similar to the 2475, I found this option in the menu under "Video Input Control".
We don't have hot plug detect support on the HP LP2475w. Under Video Input Control the following are set:
default Video Input -> DVI 1
Autodetect input -> off
auto switch input -> off

I take it you would also like the most current firmware running on these monitor as well. I'll get it installed once I get time.

Originally Posted by danix View Post
It would also be useful to know what firmware revision you have on your display. You can get this from the menu under "Information"; the firmware revision is listed as "Version".
I've ran around on got the firmware for computers having this issue. Firmware versions we are running :
GIG 034
GIG 045
GIG 078
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