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General Lee
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Default Re: Official Need For Speed Shift thread

I took my daughter to Chuck-E-Cheese's last Saturday, and in the game room was the arcade version of NFS: Carbon. Well, I'll be damned if the General Lee, a '69 Charger, was one of the cars you could race with! So, I raced with that car mostly, and a few other cars, but mostly with the General. It was one of those games that you sit in a seat, with a wheel, stick-shift, gas & brake pedals, and a nitrous pedal. It also had buttons for view and nitrous. I won every race I played, even on the hard difficulty.

The last race I ran, I was right behind the leader, and just before we got to the finish line, I hit that nitrous and held it, hit the jump, and went sailing OVER the leader FTW! By that time, I had drawn a small crowd, and everyone got a kick out of that. When asked how long I had been playing the game, I said 'This is my first time'.

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