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Default Re: New screen shots of ID's Rage

Graphics are not top of the line looking but the art design is nice, I like the way it looks. I'm more of a gameplay kinda person myself, we should wait for a few gameplay vids before making judgments.

Originally Posted by logan View Post
Ok, Mr. Generalization.

This isn't any game... Rage is supposed to showcase id's new Tech 5. Shouldn't it blow people away? I expect to be blown away, but these screens aren't exactly spectacular. It sounds to me like they'll be stuck with this engine for a long while and if it doesn't deliver, they're going to fall even further behind Epic and UE.
Most devs are just keeping the status quo for consoles that's where the money is so there's not much point in developing a high powered graphics engine when they will make the most money just developing console graphic engines. Face it pc gaming is on its last leg unfortunately.
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