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Thumbs up Re: gtx 480 users, what speed (% wise) do you have your fans at?

Originally Posted by wheeljack12 View Post
I was wondering what the 480 users are doing with their fans with such heat in terms of % usage of your gpu fans.
Here's the latest update that I made to the "GeForce GTX 480 First Look".


Having read discussions in the GeForce GTX 400 Series Forum on advanced fan control software, I definately had to check out MSI's Afterburner utility. This handy utility allows custom fan profiles to be created. The interface is pretty slick and consists of defining the fan speed (by percentage) based on the GPU temperature.

For example, the following readings are from running the Furmark stress test for 120 seconds with the default fan profile of the GeForce GTX 480. The topmost graph reports GPU temperature, the middle graph reports GPU usage and the graph on the bottom reports on the fan speed. Prior to launcing FurMark, the readings were:

Start of Test

GPU Temp - 54 C
GPU Usage - 0%
Fan Speed - 44%

End of Test

GPU Temp - 95 C
GPU Usage - 99%
Fan Speed - 87%

GPU usage increased to 99% after launching FurMark. After 120 seconds, the GPU temperature reached 95 C. Looking at the fan speed graph, we see that it remained at the default setting of 44% for almost 60 seconds and quickly ramped up to 87% by the end of the test.

This exercise was interesting as I spent over an hour testing with Furmark before completing my custom fan control profile, which looks like so.

Here are the profile settings:

GPU Temp - Fan Speed

50 C - 44%
60 C - 50%
65 C - 55%
70 C - 60%
80 C - 68%
85 C - 75%
90 C - 85%
95 C - 90%

The results, after 120 seconds of running Furmark, are quite impressive!

Start of Test

GPU Temp - 54 C
GPU Usage - 0%
Fan Speed - 44%

End of Test

GPU Temp - 87 C
GPU Usage - 99%
Fan Speed - 79%

MSI's Afterburner is a must have utility for owners of the GeForce GTX 480.
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